Thursday, February 28, 2013

Wealth Protection Starts with Taking Action

It’s never too early to implement wealth protection methods, but it can always be too late. Once you are involved in a civil lawsuit, if you do not already have a protective veil in place, it may too late to turn back. A good point that can be made here is that you spent a lifetime earning your wealth. But in moment, by comparison, it can be robbed from you, if you don’t have wealth protection methods in place. It’s imperative that you protect yourself as soon as possible, this way there are no surprising in the near future.

Contact a Lawyer
Your first step will be to contact a lawyer. You don’t want just any lawyer, either. You want a wealth protection, asset protection and estate planning professional, like Dallas, Texas Joe B. Garza. These experienced legal professionals can use their expertise to create a wealth protection master plan for you.

Review Your Options
Set a time to meet with your lawyer and get a consultation. Make sure you bring along any documentation that they ask you to; as this way they can fully assess your situation and provide excellent legal counsel. Next, take the time to fully review your options.

Consider All Aspects
Take all aspects into consideration. Certainly, implementing wealth and asset protection strategies may not be the most inexpensive route. However, would you rather shield your assets with an impenetrable method, or risk playing the odds in the future, where you could lose a substantial portion of your assets?

Protect Yourself Before It’s Too Late
Wealth protection only works when it’s implemented beforehand. In the aftermath, it won’t do all that it’s designed to do. So consider the options and what’s at risk. Then make the wise decision to protect yourself and your wealth, your family, your financial future and most importantly: your legacy.

Learn more wealth protection tips by Joe B Garza in Dallas Texas.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

New 2013 Tax Laws Highlight Need for Joe Garza's Asset Protection Services

DALLAS, TX -- (Marketwire) -- 02/20/13 -- Joe B. Garza, of the respected law firm, Garza & Harris, Ltd. (, is highlighting the need for reviewing your asset protection, liability reduction and estate planning strategies for the next fiscal tax year (and beyond), in lieu of numerous tax changes and reforms that have gone into effect. These recent changes underscore the fact that no matter what strategy one may have in place, each year calls for a new review of methods to ensure that asset protection and adequate liability reduction methods are in place.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Wealth Protection Matters Sooner Rather Than Later – A short Video by Joe B. Garza

You’ve dedicated a substantial portion of your life in the creation and acquisition of your wealth, but are you doing everything that you could to protect it? A common, and terrible, mistake that many people make is by taking efforts to implement asset protection after the fact. Don’t travel down this dangerous path. Ensure that you have adequate wealth protection strategies in place ahead of time to secure your future for you and for your loved ones.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Three Benefits of Asset Protection

Asset protection empowers you to enjoy confidence in knowing that your estate, your wealth and your legacy are protected. There are countless benefits that asset protection strategies by Joe B Garza have to offer. We’ll explore three of the most popular ones in the simple points that follow, so you can better understand why you want asset protection methods in place sooner as opposed to later.

Creditor Shield
You never know what can happen. A common mistake made by many is in the improper setup of their companies. This often exposes them to liability risks from lawsuits and creditors. Furthermore, it also exposes their estate and their wealth to liability when it is not properly veiled from these hawkish attempts to take your wealth. With asset protection in place, you won’t have to worry about this.
Estate Planning
A poorly planned estate can quickly turn into a nightmare after you are gone. It can get tied up in probate court for years upon end. It can create havoc between relatives who start fighting for your wealth. With proper estate planning, you can pass more wealth on to your loved ones, and you can discern who receives what and when.

Minimizing Taxation
With estate taxes at all time highs, it’s never been more important to properly plan your estate. With adequate methods in place, you can ensure that tax liability on your estate is greatly minimized. This enables you to pass more of your hard earned wealth on to your family after you are gone, while preserving your legacy.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Estate Planning Tips Involve Planning Head; Always!

A common oversight made by business owners is that they will occasionally form a company or limited liability firm with the intent to shield themselves from individual liability. However, many of them mistakenly then put basically all of their company assets into a single business, or in a subsidiary of a high risk, working business. If a judgment is entered versus the business, every one of the company possessions may be lost.

Whenever sensible, business procedures posing a risk of liability must be separated from property possession. The possession security strategy can, and commonly should, be a component of a more detailed estate plan. Likewise, home investments and business possession frameworks are typically not sufficiently created to militate against the danger of liability arising from loan and lease guarantees or various other sources of liability to specific sponsors or principals (essential to your estate planning tips). 

There is much that can be done to protect your assets with estate planning tips. The most effective time to start is as soon as possible.. It is foolish to leave your hard earned wealth, and essentially your legacy, needlessly exposed to lender cases and taxation, when even standard asset protection preparation can easily shield them and minimize the tax liability of your estate. Strategize ahead of time. Build-in fundamental estate planning strategies in every business structure that you create. 

Don't hang around an additional twenty years and then scratch your head baffled as to why you are assets are not protected. Furthermore, don’t leave your loved ones robbed of the legacy and estate that leave behind for them because it was not adequately protected beforehand. Plan ahead and enjoy peace of mind by securing your legacy. Learn more asset protection tips by Joe B. Garza.

Joe B Garza Texas Proper Estate Planning Will Prevent Probate Limbo 0FT E SUP EME COURT OF TEXAS - Supreme Court of Texas

You never want an estate that’s poorly planned because that estate can end up in the worst kind of limbo, (Joe B Garza Texas example: the 0FT E SUP EME COURT OF TEXAS - Supreme Court of Texas lands your case, and if your estate ends up in a court like this, you can expect for it to take several years before your heirs can gain access to the funds). Rather than ever deal with that, avoid this at all costs with some simple estate preplanning tips by Joe Garza in Texas.  

Best of Laid Plans
It’s all about how you plan your estate. The best planned estate will generally avoid a limbo in a supreme court because even if contested, it will be infallible. The first and most beneficial tip offered is that preplanning makes an enormous difference in the end result.

Tenured Legal Counsel
The best planned estate comes from an experienced lawyer. Prominent attorneys like Joe B Garza are often called upon to direct this process. This ensures that your estate is planned expertly, leaving nothing to chance.

What Does the Future Hold?
It’s all about your future and how you will plan for it. And this process involves knowing that one day you won’t be around any longer. Since we all can’t live forever, and since we have no idea of when our time will be up, planning now for the future that’s sure to come is the only option for the wise.

Your Legacy Matters
If you want to protect your legacy, you can do so when you know that your estate is good hands. Don’t leave a shambled estate behind that causes your loved ones even more grief after your passing. Avoid any uncertainties regarding your estate by carefully planning for the future today.