Saturday, February 9, 2013

Three Benefits of Asset Protection

Asset protection empowers you to enjoy confidence in knowing that your estate, your wealth and your legacy are protected. There are countless benefits that asset protection strategies by Joe B Garza have to offer. We’ll explore three of the most popular ones in the simple points that follow, so you can better understand why you want asset protection methods in place sooner as opposed to later.

Creditor Shield
You never know what can happen. A common mistake made by many is in the improper setup of their companies. This often exposes them to liability risks from lawsuits and creditors. Furthermore, it also exposes their estate and their wealth to liability when it is not properly veiled from these hawkish attempts to take your wealth. With asset protection in place, you won’t have to worry about this.
Estate Planning
A poorly planned estate can quickly turn into a nightmare after you are gone. It can get tied up in probate court for years upon end. It can create havoc between relatives who start fighting for your wealth. With proper estate planning, you can pass more wealth on to your loved ones, and you can discern who receives what and when.

Minimizing Taxation
With estate taxes at all time highs, it’s never been more important to properly plan your estate. With adequate methods in place, you can ensure that tax liability on your estate is greatly minimized. This enables you to pass more of your hard earned wealth on to your family after you are gone, while preserving your legacy.

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