Friday, June 14, 2013

The Attorney Joe B Garza Guide to Getting Your Texas State Bar Association Certification

Graduating from law school does not guarantee that one will easily reach the peak of their practice. A lot of effort is required to ensure that one passes through the various stages to get to the topmost point of their career. The state bar of Texas is responsible for supervising licensed attorneys. It thus ensures that they stick to the laid down code of conduct and stick to the set standards. Each attorney must join the Texas Bar Association to be allowed to practice. In pursuit of its mandate, it established the Texas Board of Legal Specialization (TBLS) to regulate attorneys who are in specific areas of law within Texas. Among other things, TBLS is responsible for certifying attorneys within its area of jurisdiction. It is with great hope that this Attorney Joe B Garza Guide to Getting Your Texas State Bar Association Certification  can help you.

To become a certified attorney takes a process. There are rules and regulations that one will be expected to follow. These include meeting deadlines for applications and payment of fees. One is also expected to provide true information. To become certified in any specialty, one has to meet the given certification standards. There are general requirements such as having established an office that has been in operation in Texas for at least three years prior to application. Specific requirements for given specialties are also there and differ from one field to another. If requirements are not met, application is denied.

Once a person is sure they meet the requirements, they can then complete the relevant online application form. Payment of the required application fee then follows. This too is done online by mailing bank checkes to the board or using credit cards. Once this is done, the application should be submitted. To help aid in this process and ensure that no mistakes are done, one can download samples of the application forms from previous years and go through them before the real application.

Once delivered to TBLS, certification analysts check the forms for any inaccuracies or incomplete information. One is expected to respond promptly to inquiries. Once these are dealt with, the specialty commission then approves or fails to approve the application.
If approved, information on examination registration requirements is mailed to applicants. Upon payment of examination fee, an examination lasting a whole day is administered. One only has two opportunities to sit the examination. If they fail the initial one, they can sit for another in the following year. This, however, is only if TBLS approves. Where a person passes the examination and meets all other conditions set, a certificate of competence in their area of specialization is issued. This way, they become certified.

How to become certified by the Texas State Bar Association is quite easy. To ensure that attorneys maximize on their practice, it is important for them to get it. This will bring along benefits of increased clients. When one is listed as certified, people view them as credible. This way they get to trust them and are assured of the best legal representation by a person who is knowledgeable in the given area. With this, attorneys can derive satisfaction from their work and look forward to utilizing their expertise.

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