Thursday, July 11, 2013

Dallas Attorney Joseph B Garza Explains Why the Texas State Bar Association is Mandated with Regulating Lawyers in Texas

If you are one of those people who don't know why the Texas State Bar Association is mandated with Regulating Lawyers in Texas, the simple answer is because it is by law in Texas, a law that passed as a legalization bill in 1939, and after time period it mandated that every lawyer must be registered with Texas state bar association. However, this is not the answer that anyone would want to know, and this answer does not satisfy the question either. This article will cover some associated details and basic motive behind its concern to help you understand why the Texas State Bar Association is mandated with Regulating Lawyers in Texas like Dallas Attorney Joseph B Garza.

In 1882, the Attorneys of Texas formed a state bar association and at that time main motive of this association was to increase the ethics in legal system so everyone and anyone can get justice despite of their financial condition. At that time, attorneys believed that all the lawyers are a part of judicial system.

This thought was based on ethical and moral responsibility of a lawyer and keeping this thought in mind, at that time a group of Texas lawyers formed Texas State bar association that worked as autonomous and voluntary organization for several years. In 1939, when the legalization bill passed, they made it compulsory for every Texas lawyer to join the state bar association, and if a lawyer was not a member of this association, the lawyer could obtain a license to practice in Texas. That's why the Texas State Bar Association is mandated with regulating Lawyers in Texas like Dallas Attorney Joseph B Garza.

To become an association member of Texas state bar association, a lawyer must graduate from an accredited law school, and after that lawyer must need to pass a test conducted by Texas State Bar association called the Bar Exam. This test includes questions that can include questions related to the ethical nature of the lawyer and questions about Texas law as well. If a lawyer passes this test, only then may he practice law in this state.

So hopefully now you know why the Texas State Bar Association is mandated with regulating Lawyers in Texas. In case if you have more questions about it, visiting Texas state bar association website can be best solution for you, because you can find much more information about your question related to this information and association requirement. You can also learn more about this process and what’s involved by reading more related articles by Dallas Attorney Joseph B Garza.

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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Joseph B Garza, Texas Lawyer, All-Pro Tips on Getting Your Texas State Bar Association Certification

Being mandated with the task of regulation of the legal profession in Texas, the Texas State Bar Association ensures that only genuine and qualified lawyers are approved to start practicing. The association is known for its thoroughness when it comes to certification of lawyers and one cannot practice law in Texas unless approved by it. However, becoming certified is achievable provided that one meets all the requirements listed in this article by Joseph B Garza, Texas Lawyer.

Outlined below are some useful tips on getting certified by the Texas State Bar Association:

After choosing a law related subject to major in such as criminal justice, communication, public speaking and so on, ensure that you attain high grades in your final exam. The law-related subjects will definitely benefit your law career. A successful graduation with high grades will no doubt guarantee a successful application and enrollment in any law school of your choice.

Seek Admission At A Council-Accredited Law School
Make an application to the law school of your choice but ensure that it is recognized with the necessary accreditations. Applying to just any law school without taking this precaution may result to a total waste of time and money, because the Texas State Bar Association will never certify any lawyer from an unrecognized institution.

Take The LSAT(Law school Admission Test)
Apply and sit for the LSAT after successfully completing the law course from your accredited law school. This will further improve your chances of getting certified by the state bar association because a good performance on the test will indicate that you understood the things you learnt in law school.

Apply for A License
Being the final step to becoming a Texas practicing lawyer, it is very important that you provide all the necessary information required because failure to do this might result to a rejection of your application. It is advisable to provide information that is truthful and accurate. Many lawyers have experienced rejected license applications because they gave wrong information which the council realized. Providing the right information will enable the council to present the license to get you started on practicing law in Texas.

Have A Clean Slate
With the Texas State Bar Association being the legal regulatory body that it is, it will never under any circumstances certify any individual with a tainted moral background. Ensure that your moral background is impressive with no incidences that indicate otherwise. During the processing period of the license a background check is usually conducted to ensure that your moral standards are on the impressive side. Even after getting the license, still keep the moral standards high because the Texas State Bar Association still has the mandate to declare you not worthy of practicing law.

With the above tips, it is very possible to go through the strict process of being licensed by the Texas State Bar Association like Texas Attorney Joseph B Garza. Simply ensure that everything is in order as required by the association and nothing will go wrong because you will get the much needed license and get started on the career of your dreams.